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Natursutten's Glass Baby Bottle - 8 oz

Natursutten® Glass Baby Bottles are made in France of borosilicate glass. Glass is the safer choice for your baby, free of BPA/BPS and other harmful chemicals that can leach from plastic bottles.

The bottle

Dishwasher-safe and thermal shock-resistant, our bottles withstand extreme temperature changes, like boiling or freezing.

The bottle nipples

Are made in Italy of all-natural rubber. The softness of the nipple's natural rubber creates a feeding experience that closely simulates breastfeeding, and the bottle's anti-colic double-valve ensures a more even milk flow, preventing colic and gas.

Our promise

All parts are free of BPA, phthalates, polycarbonates, and PVC.
Each bottle comes with a slow-flow nipple.

Your choices

2-pack of 3.5 oz
2-pack of 8 oz