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Mini Bloom Scrubbie

Our Mini Bloom Scrubbie is the miniature version of its predecessor, The Blooming Bath for babies. Kind of like your new baby is a mini version of you! We’ve kept all of the great characteristics of The Blooming Bath -- same super soft, baby-safe plush materials, same lively colors. The only thing we’ve added is a comfy elastic band on the back for ideal handling. The Mini Bloom is the adorable way to bathe baby that brings fun and giggles to all.

Mini Bloom Scrubbies make the perfect baby shower gift (oohs and ahs guaranteed). Incredibly soft and gentle enough to clean baby’s sensitive skin, this item is likely to become an integral part of your baby bathing routine and can be used again and again as baby grows from newborn, to infant, to toddler.

The Mini Scrubbie is available in three colors: Canary, Hot Pink and Turquoise.

Once bath time is over, caring for your Mini Bloom Scrubbie is a cinch. Just squeeze out excess water and place in the dryer for 10-15 minutes, or hang dry using the elastic band on the back.

The Mini Bloom Scrubbie measures 8 inches in diameter.